Dr. Amin with fiance Nathan celebrating at a friend's wedding.

Dr. Amin with fiance Nathan celebrating at a friend's wedding.

Roma Amin MD

Medical School:  Thomas Jefferson University

Undergraduate School: Penn State University, Pre-Medicine 

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Medical Interests: Homelessness, community medicine, adolescents, OB, policy

Hobbies: Watching football and hockey, reading, hiking, and traveling

Future Plans: I want to work with urban underserved populations in an academic center.  I love teaching and working with populations who need our resources the most.  I am also interested in youth homelessness and policy surrounding access to care for vulnerable populations.

Reason for Residency: I was looking for a program that was truly serving the community in which they work, as well as seniors and attendings who would help me become the best family physician that I could be.  I found both at Grant.  The people who I work with genuinely strive to improve the health of their patients and the surrounding communities.  There are also ample opportunities to develop my skill set in OB, pediatrics, and inpatient medicine- as well as seeing diverse populations at my outpatient office site.

Email: roma.amin@ohiohealth.com


 Dr. Aschenaki at St. Lucia Jazzfest (left) and a photo she took of a giraffe in Kenya!

Dr. Aschenaki at St. Lucia Jazzfest (left) and a photo she took of a giraffe in Kenya!

Betheal Aschenaki, M.D.

Medical School: Ross University College of Medicine

Undergraduate School: Texas Women's University, Nursing

Hometown: Houston, TX

Medical Interests: International Medicine and Urban Medicine

Hobbies: Cooking (don't like to follow recipes), Yoga, reading, traveling, and music

Future Plans: Not sure but would like to do mission work!

Reason for Residency: I didn't rotate at Grant as a student, but I had friends that did and I had heard a lot of good experiences.  I like this program because it's unopposed.  This way I can maximize and learn as much as possible in residency.  I think it's a great opprotunity to train in a level I trauma center.  I believe the people are what makes Grant very special.  There are a lot of people working hard on your behalf to make sure you succeed.  This is rare!  I think everyone at Grant is very wonderful, and I like the exposure I am getting.  I know by the end of residency, I will have learned to be a strong physician by knowledge and character.


 Dr. Dymala (right) with Dr. Ghoprial

Dr. Dymala (right) with Dr. Ghoprial

Anna Dymala, M.D.

Medical School: St. Matthew's University School of Medicine

Undergraduate School: University of Illinois at Chicago, B.S. in Chemistry

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Medical Interests: Women's Health, Geriatrics

Hobbies: Traveling, reading books, theatre, cooking, outdoor activities, animals

Future Plans: Work for a hospital system in inpatient and outpatient settings in the Columbus area.

Reason for Residency: I chose Grant because of my amazing interview experience.  Residents seemed very happy and satisfied with their training and there was a friendly and supportive work environment.  The faculty is extremely helpful in all aspects.  I really wanted to be a part of this organizational culture that has strong core values.

Email: anna.dymala1@gmail.com 

 Dr. Ghoprial (left) with Dr. Dymala

Dr. Ghoprial (left) with Dr. Dymala

Maged Ghoprial, M.D.

Medical School: St. Matthew's University School of Medicine

Undergraduate School: College of Staten Island, B.S. Biology

Hometown: Staten Island, NY

Medical Interests: Geriatrics, Sports Med

Hobbies: Traveling, Gardening, Swimming, playing Soccer

Future Plans: I will likely stay in Columbus and do primary care.

Reason for Residency: Grant is located in the heart of Columbus, a big city, yet with a small town feeling, which is the kind of place I was always looking to live.  It's location and the fact that OhioHealth is a nonprofit organization gives me the chance to learn from a great diversity of patients.  The faculty is extremely friendly and helpful sine day one and showed great interest in our education and future.  The curriculum at Grant provides high quality training in all areas.  I also love having my own office!

Email: magedghoprial@gmail.com 

 Dr. Grant (above) pictured with cousins and aunt.

Dr. Grant (above) pictured with cousins and aunt.

Shereene Grant, M.D.

Medical School: Ross University College of Medicine

Undergraduate School: Florida Atlantic University, B.S. in Psychobiology

Hometown: Lauderhill, Florida

Medical Interests: OB, Women's Health, Global Health, Underserved

Hobbies: Watching basketball, working out, cooking, dancing, and traveling.

Future Plans: I would love to be a part of a group practice so that I can also have the opportunity to do medical missions.

Reason for Residency: I chose Grant because it's faith-based, unopposed, and there's opportunity for a tremendous amount of OB exposure.  On interview day, the faculty and residents were very warm.  They cared about more than just my file, but who I was as a person and what I can bring to Grant.  What makes Grant different from other programs?  The fact that the program director and other faculty place a strong emphasis on education and training.  The position of a resident is one that should not be taken lightly.  Faculty here are passionate about family practice and enjoy what they do.  A passion that they desire for us to exude.  I love the warmth of the residents, faculty, and staff.  There is an atmosphere of genuine support and camaraderie.  

 Dr. Hirekhan 

Dr. Hirekhan 

Omkar Hirekhan, M.D.

Medical School: Ross University College of Medicine

Undergraduate School: Grand Valley State University, Biomedical Sciences

Hometown: Sandusky, MI and Canton, MI

Medical Interests: Hospital Medicine, Sports Medicine, Emergency Medicine

Hobbies: Everything tennis and table tennis, aviation, spending time with friends and family, traveling, music, and movies

Future Plans: I prefer to practice in a hospital-based setting or a group private practice in a city, preferably where it is warm a majority of the year!

Reason for Residency: Grant FMR provides an unopposed experience that offers one of the best clinical training in the broad realm of this specialty.  During my medical school rotations, I grew to enjoy all of my rotations.  On my interview I was warmly welcomed so as to make me feel like a special applicant, not just another number in the crowd.  The faculty, residents, and staff all create a friendly atmosphere to ease one into the program, all while making themselves willing to teach and help.  I believe I will have an excellent training at Grant to become the best family physician possible, not only because it has been a "Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for" since 2007, but also because of all the positive feedback from current and previous residents.

 Dr. Osman pictured with one of her nieces.

Dr. Osman pictured with one of her nieces.

Saida Osman, M.D.

Medical School: University of Texas Medical Branch- Galveston

Undergraduate School: Texas A&M University, B.S. Biology

Hometown: Houston, TX

Medical Interests: OB, Hospital Medicine

Hobbies: I like spending quality time with family and friends and walking.

Future Plans: I plan to either do an OB or Hospitalist Fellowship after residency.

 Dr. Pandya

Dr. Pandya

Punita Pandya, M.D.

Medical School: St. George's University School of Medicine

Undergraduate School: The Ohio State University, B.S. Molecular Genetics

Hometown: Lima, OH

Medical Interests: I wish to practice the full range of family medicine from pediatrics to obstetrics to geriatrics.

Hobbies: I like playing tennis and practicing yoga.  I enjoy reading the NYT and watching political news talk shows.

Future Plans: I wish to practice medicine in both the inpatient and outpatient setting- hopefully the traditional Family Medicine model.

Reason for Residency: I chose Grant because it allows you to excel in a wide range of medicine.  Additionally, Grant Family Medicine residents are very active in performing all sorts of procedures for their patients.  I also enjoyed the truly friendly and welcoming nature of the staff, residents, and attendings.

 Dr. Quade, pictured with her brother and father in Rockefeller Center.

Dr. Quade, pictured with her brother and father in Rockefeller Center.

Jessica Quade, M.D.

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine

Undergraduate School: Georgia State University, B.S. Chemistry

Hometown: Kennesaw, GA

Medical Interests: OB/Women's Health, international medicine

Hobbies: I love music and am usually listening to it if given the opportunity.  I am also enjoying exploring Columbus as I am new to the area!

Future Plans: I'm currently considering doing some work internationally, focusing on obstetrics, women's health, and infectious disease.

Reason for Residency: When I came to interview here, it just felt right.  I found myself comparing all other programs to this one.  Some specific things that really excited me about this program were the fact that it is unopposed and is located in a downtown area that has a level 1 trauma center.  The residents I spoke to loved working at Grant and were able to do a lot of different procedures which was another thing that really appealed to me.

 Dr. Syed with family

Dr. Syed with family

Azfar Syed, M.D.

Medical School: American University of Antigua

Undergraduate School: University of Houston, Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences

Hometown: Houston, TX

Medical Interests: Hospital Medicine, Urgent Care

Hobbies: I like to travel and experience new cultures.  I am a big fan of barbeque and cooking.  I enjoy playing basketball, weightlifting, spending time with my family, and camping.

Future Plans: I hope to work as a hospitalist and start my own group practice.  One day I would also enjoy traveling around doing locum tenens work.

Reason for Residency: I chose Grant because of the warm, welcoming environment during the interview process. Everything was really laid back and I felt very much at home.  The residents seemed very happy with the program.  The hospital is clean and located downtown so there is a wide variety of patients to see.  My deciding factor was how well I'd be trained and Grant was at the top of my list.

 Dr. Thompson

Dr. Thompson

Charles "Chip" Thompson, M.D.

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine

Undergraduate School: The Ohio State University, B.S. Biology

Hometown: Piqua, OH

Medical Interests: Outpatient medicine, Sports Medicine, Urgent Care

Hobbies: Sports (Golf, basketball, football, baseball), big fan of the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals.  I enjoy other activities such as ping-pong, pool, fishing, and bowling.  I enjoy going to see movies at the theatre- especially horror.

Future Plans: Columbus area practicing Sports Medicine

Reason for Residency: 

1.  Unopposed setting allows for maximal experience and learning.

2.  Interview day- the faculty were set apart from other programs with their passion for Family Medicine and willingness to teach.

3. Location- Columbus is a rising city with plenty of things to do for all interests.  It also provides a diverse patient population.

 Dr. Trivedi (left) with his cousin.

Dr. Trivedi (left) with his cousin.

Arpit Trivedi, M.D.

Medical School: International American University

Undergraduate School: University of Michigan, B.A. History

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Medical Interests: Geriatrics

Hobbies: Football, Soccer, Nu-Jazz, Trip-Hop, History, Films

Future Plans: Private practice in full spectrum Family Medicine somewhere in the Midwest

Reason for Residency: The people!  The response from the faculty down to the residents was second to none.  It really seemed like people genuinely enjoyed working with each other and there was a well-fostered camaraderie and "team environment."  The faculty seemed equally passionate and invested in resident teaching and providing necessary support for each individual resident.