PGY3 Curriculum

Third Year

Adult Inpatient Medicine (4 wks)

Peds Outpatient (4 wks)

Behavioral Health (4 wks)

Musculoskeletal (4 wks)

Women’s Health (4 wks)

Outpatient Specialties (4 wks)

 Practice Management (2 wks)

Obstetric Mentoring (2 wks)

Outpatient Education (2 wks)

Population Health (2 wks)

Holiday House Coverage (2 wks)

Night Float (2 wks)

ER/Urgent Care (4 wks)

Elective (12 wks)

Average 4-6 half days in office/wk

  • Inpatient Medicine: 6 weeks, including

    • SFM (4 weeks)- Starling Family Medicine hospital service- You will function as junior attendings while caring for our continuity patients from the Family Medicine Centers. A great opportunity to work directly with faculty physicians and hospitalists.

    • Night Float- 2 weeks

  • Outpatient Pediatrics: 4 weeks- Dedicated outpatient experience (well child visits, acute visits, behavioral management cases) in general pediatric clinic associated with Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

  • Population Health/Education: 8 weeks, including

    • Community and Behavioral Medicine- Outpatient months working in the Family Medicine Center and outpatient clinics, with opportunities to shadow a community family physician, gain experience with billing and coding, additional exposure to behavioral medicine, and visit a variety of community agencies. Our longitudinal Population Health curriculum is integrated into all our rotations throughout the three years. Our residents learn how to conduct community assessments and care for their patients beyond their care in the office.

    • Outpatient Education- gain experience as a Junior Preceptor in our outpatient offices. In addition, you will participate in RCA (root cause analysis), lead an M&M conference, and be a part of the Quality and Improvement Team at Grant.

  • Women's Health: 6 weeks

    • Women's Health- Outpatient rotation with opportunities for gynecologic surgery, oncology, breast health, as well as gynecological procedures with family medicine faculty.

    • OB Education- One week spent mentoring an intern while utilizing all of the skills obtained over the previous 2 years. Complete chart audits to help review and improve the prenatal care for the practice.

  • Specialty Care: 6 weeks, including

    • Cardiology, Neurology, Dermatology, Ortho/Rheum, and Medical Subspecialties-Exposure to specialists and experiences with medical tests or procedures that are chosen by you, based on encounters from patients in your practice. Work directly with attendings in both inpatient and outpatient settings.

  • ER/Urgent Care: 4 weeks- Although primarily a clinical rotation, additional experience in the management of acute medical problems, and the opportunity to do procedures will arise from working in the OhioHealth Urgent Care and Emergency Departments around Columbus.

  • Electives: 12 weeks

  • Longitudinal Curriculum- PGY3s are seeing their own, unique patients at their Family Medicine Center on average four to six half-days per week

  • Presentations/Research- As a third year you will also complete your research project and present it with other OhioHealth residents. You will present a topic for Grand Rounds and lead a discussion for M&M.