I firmly believe that a good percentage of the personal fulfillment we will experience in our lives will be found through embracing responsibility in the face of difficult circumstances. The pursuit of responsibility rather than ‘happiness’ is a truer path to a meaningful life, albeit much less traveled. Being a physician at Grant has brought into crisp focus this call to lifelong leadership and responsibility. I have learned that part of being a physician leader is developing into a competent clinician/diagnostician. To that point, the clinical confidence I have gained is the direct result of countless hours poured into me by my mentors, faculty, and peers. For that, I am truly grateful. Grant Family medicine is, I believe, uniquely suited to thoroughly hone a family physician’s clinical skills along with their emotional/psychological perseverance in a way that will allow us to be valuable members of society. I do feel I have been armed with tools that will allow me to be of some use to those around me, so long as I choose to use them to serve.
— Nigel Hogan, DO Grant Class of 2019

Training the best to be the best

We can teach you medicine.

We can teach you procedures and deliveries and how to manage a critical patient. 

We can teach you office efficiency, practice management, and coding/billing.  

All of those are critically important, and we'll do a great job exposing you to the field of Family Medicine and all it offers. 

What we can't teach is compassion.  Or passion in general.  

We seek 10 new physicians each year who demonstrate compassion fueled by a genuine passion for Family Medicine.  We welcome interests of all kinds- whether it be Geriatrics, Pediatrics, OB, Hospital Medicine, Addiction Medicine, International Health, or all of the above!  We stand prepared to help you use that passion for serving others and transform it into a skill set that will make you a well-rounded Family Physician capable of anything you want to do in any community!

Grant trains some of the best and brightest physicians in the country.  

What will your legacy at Grant be?