3rd Year Rotations at Grant

Family Medicine Clerkship

  • Work closely with residents and faculty at one of our family medicine practices and hospital clinics 
  • Exposure to multiple aspects of family medicine, including adult internal medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, and obstetrics


Third year elective in Family Medicine

  • Individually designed to fit each student's needs
  • Participate in all aspects of family medicine
  • Limited availability


4th Year Rotations at Grant

Sub-Internships in Family Medicine

  • Be a member of either the Clinical Medicine or Grant Family Medicine inpatient team covering a wide variety of pathology in all aspects of internal medicine 
  • Function at the level of an intern 
  • Strong lecture series 
  • Experience with a wide variety of procedures 
  • Follow patients on both general medical floors and in the ICU
  • Limited opportunities to experience outpatient, obstetric, newborn care


Lifespan/Audition Rotation

  • Unique to your needs/interests! Spend some time on the Grant Family Medicine inpatient service, on our Family Medicine Mother/Baby service, and in the newborn nursery. You can take both medicine and OB call with our residents. We'll also connect you to our outpatient offices as well as opportunities in some of our dedicated Family Medicine clinics including FMOB (Family Medicine OB) clinic, Centering Pregnancy group visits, or our Walk In Care Clinic! This is our opportunity to showcase the unique experiences our residents have, so we can cater your student experience to whatever you are interested in seeing here at Grant!


Other Experiences for Students

  • Offered for 1st and 2nd year medical students  
  • On call night 
  • Journal club

Limited availability - please contact us for more information.

Contact Lindsey Ziemke for inquiries about any of our Family Medicine clerkships/electives/sub-I/audition experiences!

Grant offers additional rotations in other specialties, including Surgery, OB/GYN, Geriatrics, Sports Medicine, Emergency Medicine, just to name a few!  If you are interested in rotating at Grant in some of these other specialties, contact Nan Koch to see if there are any availabilities!