Wellness at Grant


Grant Family Medicine is committed to producing well-trained, independent, and healthy physicians. In the face of so many competing interests during Residency training, many of which take time away from our family, friends, and personal health, we have established a Physician Wellness component to our Resident training program.

Beginning with our Class of 2019, each of our PGY-1 Residents participates in a two-week long Wellness rotation, emphasizing self-care and stress relief. Included in this two-weeks is a mandatory 1-week vacation, allowing for a scheduled opportunity to reflect on all of the hard work they have put towards patient care, tend to their own health needs, and spend time with their loved ones.

In addition, our Residents have initiated a monthly Wellness Luncheon, focusing on fellowship and self-care. Recent topics have included:

  • “Thank you," during which Residents wrote “Thank You” cards to those who have given them support.

  • “Mindfulness," where Residents practiced Stress Recognition and Relief.

  • “How Patient Death impacts Physician Wellness," during which time stories of patient death and physician coping were shared.

Moreover, a Wellness half day is integrated throughout all three years of residency to attend to personal wellness visits.  

The purpose of Wellness half days are to allow residents to attend to their personal health and well-being.  As residents are generally on similar schedules as practicing physicians, it is difficult to stay current with many of the recommendations for annual physicals/health checks, dental, and eye exams.  This time allows the residents the ability to take better control of their own physical well-being. 

While the technical/science of medicine you will be learning the next three years is important, so is building a foundation of wellness as a physician. The wellness rotation and material is a stepping stone for that journey.

Physician wellness, constantly in competition with physician burnout, is something we take seriously here at Grant. We strive to produce a complete physician, one who can balance the joys and stress of patient care along with their own health and family life.